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v_made text

Graphics galore.

3 A Song of Ice and Fire graphics + 10 icons
9 The Tudors graphics + 8 icons
8 Interview with the Vampire icons
25 fashion icons

Please, comment and credit. Especially be sure to credit the artists of the asoiaf fan art . Thank you. 

Sorry I haven't updated in so long- I do have a ton of bits and bobs scattered on my hard drives, but it's all pretty jumbled. There's more of The Secret Country, some Casanova, and a lot of other random-type stuff to come.

Behind the cut NOT dial-up safe at all. 


 6 7 8 9 10


 11 12 13 14 15
 16 17 18  

 19 20 21 22 23
 24 25 26  

 27 28 29 30 31
 32 33 34 35 36
 37 38 39 40 41
 42 43 44 45 46
474849 50 51



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took 35,31 and 51!
I will credit when I'll use them! ^_^
I would be so grateful if you could tell me something/anything about the picture you used for #51 -- I saw another icon months ago using that same image and fell in love with it, but I've been unable to discover anything about it. Thanks very much : )
The model is (I think) Lily Cole and it was part of a photospread in a fashion mag. The full shot is this:

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Thank you!
Ooh, the fashion icons are wonderful! I'm taking a few <3
Will credit when used :)

Thank you!
I especially screamed when I saw that you made Song of Ice and Fire icons! These are great!
Do you know what artists made these and if they're on deviantart or elfwood? Or did I miss you already write their names down? (I'm an idiot sometimes xP)
I love asoiaf, so I've made several. Why is there not more fandom for these books? Sigh.

The artists are all on deviantart, and their names are in the filenames of the icons.
"Why is there not more fandom for these books?"
Aww, man I KNOW!!!

Oh! Thanks for the info! Gonna check out deviantart now! ^_^
You're welcome. And for fans on lj, try fanmoot.
Taking #25.
hey could you please tell me where the quote "if you close your eyes..." is from? I'd really like to know. I like it.
it's from the song 'Not I' by Demon Hunter. I always connect it with Henry and the girls who defy him.
Thank you!
Taking "Once Upon a Time"
Oh. Wow. These are beautiful.

I don't know which ones to take. 35 and 38 I do believe.

Will credit. Lovely.

Thank you very much. Enjoy! :)
These are gorgeous! Have take 'once upon a time'. Thanks so much for sharing!
I almost jumped out of my computer chair and did a dance when I saw you made ASoIaF icons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so so so so very much for making them!! I am not going to take the icons, actually, but I am snagging the header of Sansa about how life is not a song. Where did you get the image to use that? It's so awesome!!!!! That's one of my fav parts of the book where she sings to the Hound. *sigh* I love that series. Thank you so very very much. Will credit.
These are amazing icons. Thank you for posting them.
Your icons are so beautiful, i'd love it if you entered at tudoricontest!
Great! I took 23 and credit ;)